Category: 2022 Mixes

  • New Year Mix: RROMANCE

    New Year Mix: RROMANCE

    here is rromance‘s playlist„the rromance“ for you as a companion for the first days of 2023

  • 24 – Vanessa’s Mix

    24 – Vanessa’s Mix

    Empty your head You swing from joy to melancholy multiple times a day, but recently you’re calm and able see yourself with honest clarity. Focus on what your future self would do. Don’t let anyone play down your efforts. Your life is a work of art. Do: Don’t: If you are feeling overwhelmed today, consider…

  • 23 – DISCOLAS’ Mix of Fire

    23 – DISCOLAS’ Mix of Fire

    The future is now, old man. Standing at Seebühne 8am in the morning and moving your feet to the housey-trancey sounds that the duo that call themselves DJ Heartstring pump out of that sound system, I realised that the crowd looked a little different. At that very moment I realised that there is a new…

  • 22 – Meret’s Mix

    22 – Meret’s Mix

    Chill Vibes for the Holidays Hey everybodyyyy, here are some of my favorite chill Neo-Soul and RnB tracks of the year, as well as some Amapiano for your holiday cooking at home 🙂 All the best to you and your families and friends, I hope you can relax and enjoy this mix 🙂

  • 21 – Bratmaxer’s Mix

    21 – Bratmaxer’s Mix

    Mixtape #21 I was inspired by Italo Disco at first but found some other stuff later as well. Not much more to say, simply enjoy!

  • 20 – Benny L’s mix

    20 – Benny L’s mix

    cocaine not included. An assorted high-octane mix for the insomniac gentle(wo)man. A fair share of it is from the soundtracks of movies and videogames (I mostly discovered this year, Ennio Morricone I even saw in concert (I do realize Ennio Morricone is dead, therefore the concert was conducted by his via arcane steampunk mechanism reanimated…

  • 19 – Simon’s Mix

    19 – Simon’s Mix

    Something Something Progressive Death Metal Ok so I am aware that this is completely breaking with the style of playlists we’ve had so far this year (or ever), but after the many years that I’ve been part of this I felt the need to share some of the more obscure parts of my musical taste.…

  • 18 – Jonas’ Mix

    18 – Jonas’ Mix

    Only bangers The musical equivalent of a caffein overdose: A playlist full of high-energy housy dancy stuff to make your day. Enjoy!

  • 17 – Louise’s Mix

    17 – Louise’s Mix

    Flakes I’m still struggling to find the red thread in this year’s mix, it starts softly and intimately with Singer-Songwriters, carries you on to different places on this beautiful rock we inhabit, and ends in music that hopefully makes you dance into 2023.

  • 16 – Nick’s Mix

    16 – Nick’s Mix

    Small but nice: 39 minutes of inspiration and comfort. Hope you enjoy some of my dearest companions of this year as much as I do. Take care!

  • 15 – Oliver’s mix

    15 – Oliver’s mix

    Mon paillasson n’est pas un punching ball My third edition of adventunes and I’m staying in a similar vibe: soft, weird and a little nostalgic. To be played at low volume on a grey day while cooking, preferably doing DJ hot fingers on the stove knobs. Featuring a very special guest at the end.

  • 14 – ludo’s mix

    14 – ludo’s mix

    post-neo-classical-minimalism hee guysit’s wednesday 14th – time for a little break and recharge battery. © image David Ortega