Category: 2021 Mixes

  • 24th – Merry Crisis

    24th – Merry Crisis

    happy crimusit’s chrismunmerry crisismerry chrysler   Cover from, “secret in the dark”

  • Embracing Duality

    Embracing Duality

    Hey everyone 🙂 Behind Door 22, you will find two playlists that last about an hour each and are a collection of songs I really enjoyed listening to during this year. The first playlist is a bit more calm, to get you started with some experimental pop and Neo-Soul. The second playlist is a collection…

  • Crushed


    Hey there, A mix of what I’ve enjoyed this year. Starts off fast, ends slow. Hopefully you’ll also find something you like. I’ve no idea how to get them to grow, especially in this soil. Have a lovely 2022. Alex    

  • 台灣 indie music

    台灣 indie music

    Mix by: Benny Post Day: 19.12.2021

  • Clubmix in 2021

    Clubmix in 2021

    Yes. Another year where we didn’t had many opportunities to go out raving again, especially here in the Netherlands. But clubmusic remained relevant, and despite everything, some absolute bangers were released this year. So just like last year, we picked a Saturday to give you an Adventunes mix that’s all about that; our favorite club…



    I need to be honest, I completely forgot it’s my turn today. Thanks to a lovely reminder, you can now still open todays’ door on time. This playlist doesn’t want to be too special, it’s not too long and it hasn’t been a lot of preparation. Just like a proper in-between meal. Listen to this…

  • Jazzmatazz


    This playlist comprises some of my favorite Hiphop and Jazz tunes from the last one or two or so years. The first half is a bit more energetic, the second half a bit more reflective. Enjoy 🙂   Cover from, “jazz meets hiphop”

  • I work in IT

    For this year, i’m providing you some easy easy for your daily jobs. It’s been a weird year once more and i feel having things go easy easy is just what i/we need 🙂 💚

  • Wach werden für Anfänger

    Wach werden für Anfänger

    aufwachen | wake up. aufwachen | wake up. aufwachen| wake up. aufwachen | wake up. aufwachen | wake up. aufwachen | wake up. every morning. every noon. every evening. every night. gotta be awake. gotta be focused. gotta be sharp.   And how? Well black tea, coke and speed are options but most of us…

  • 13 – ecstatic chill

    13 – ecstatic chill

    Enjoy these songs to begin your beautiful Monday & start your engines for the last full week before Christmas! For me, these songs are right at the sweet spot between chill, background live instrumental music and pushing electronic music to get things done to. ©Image: Benzank

  • Eu quero ser o mar

    Eu quero ser o mar

    Eu quero ser o mar – ich möchte am Meer sein (wenn mein Portugiesisch mich nicht hier schon im Stich lässt.) Meine persönlichen Hits von den letzten Monaten- schöne Musik, die zum in die Ferne schauen einlädt. Bisschen melancholisch. beijinhos aus portgual xxx v

  • 11.12.2021 – music to joyously rebel to

    11.12.2021 – music to joyously rebel to

    As it is a contemporary topic, I originally thought about adressing love & sex in Hip Hop through my mix. However, I neither found the time to deal with it aproprietly, nor did I think we need this right now. Instead, I think we all need something to fight against all the despressing topics around…