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  • spice mix

    spice mix

    Dear fellow adventuners & adventurers, These are some of the spices I added to my 2020 year to make it tastier 🙂 These spices helped me dream about my future trips and for a moment took me there. Hope the next year will be full of spice & colour!   I dedicate this playlist to…

  • 2020 and Other Myths

    2020 and Other Myths

    Hello, oh hey there, hi, hello, greetings to you, my friend. Have you awakened from your food coma already, ready to face 2021 in a few days? No? Still sleeping? Ah well. I will write this message for when you have awoken. It will be like 2020 never happened, it was all just a long…

  • Rock’n’Roll Asia

    Rock’n’Roll Asia

    Discovering Radiooooo a few month ago and stombling over the documentary Don’t think I’ve forgotten – Combodias Lost Rock and Roll (highly recommended) made me think about what kind of music we are used to in our everyday lifes. While I could find music from almost every corner of the earth in my library, a…

  • Father Spliffmas

    Father Spliffmas

    Tune in and turn up to a Father Spliffmas classic. Spliff kicks it off with some remixed techno tunes which he hopes will take you back to the days of partying and raving. In the second half of the mix he invites you to listen and think along with him on some deeper and themes.…

  • Saltpeter


    I was shrouded by the smell of bonfires, damp matter burning Flitting gold leaves Falling into autumn rot.    

  • besonders besinnlich besonnen

    besonders besinnlich besonnen

    “Fühlst du dich besinnlich?” “Nein, du?” “Ich fühle mich das ganze verkackte Jahr schon viel zu besinnlich.” Die Sonne scheint, es ist warm und es ist Weihnachten.   Foto: Disko vor der alten Münze (Katharina Blum)

  • Radio Reimagined

    Radio Reimagined

    How radio should sound like. Easy listening, new patterns, new sounds. Not to challenging – Just here to enjoy.

  • Love & Other Drugs.

    Love & Other Drugs.

    “Love is the most important. The most necessary human emotion. Not just romantic love. Love. The ability of human beings to connect.” ― Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie   Dearest Adventuners, welcome to Door #22, a Neo-Soul & R’n’B take on Love. Shaped by long stretches of (self-) isolation, this year has significantly impacted the way we…

  • colour the grey!

    colour the grey!

    Some weeks ago when the colour of the sky only varied between grey and black I randomly discovered an artist that has brought some glow into my day: Alfie Templeman. He’s only 17 (meaning he was born 2003 – unbelievable, eeh?) and his music is as colourful as his outfits. In gratitude for all the…

  • December 20×3

    December 20×3

    Duh, what a year. This mix captures a colourful bouquet of memories. It’s melancholic, chilled, cheerful, silly, dancey, peaceful, and leaves you with a smile 🙂 It does cut through a couple of genres, but I hope it does so in a way that feels natural. Happy holidays to everyone, take care. Edit: Here’s the…

  • trash, trash 2020 trash

    trash, trash 2020 trash

    Im Dezember ist die Autostrada leer Zwischen Bozen und Venedig fährt es sich nicht schwer Denn Luigi ist bei Mama längst zuhaus’ Und verwundert blicken sie zum Fenster hinaus Schneeflocken in Calabria Kinderträume werden wahr Weihnachtsglocken an der Adria Sie klingen nur für dich Sie klingen nur für dich An der Porta Nova sind die…



    First of all, sorry for being late, and sorry for not quite living up to my self-set creative standards – the dog axolotl ate my project (picture of the fat culprit for evidence). The good news however is, this underhand cunt of a year is almost over. From here, it can hardly get any bleaker,…