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This is the 5th edition of adventunes.de, CHRISTMAS 2022 here we come! 

The idea is based on the following tradition: from December 1st until the 24th (Christmas), children in Germany get to open a door in their ‘advent calendar’ every day to find chocolate or small gifts. We have adjusted this tradition by replacing chocolate with music, which is also better for your health :D.

How it works

Every day, one person posts a 5-10 song playlist (self-made) or a link to an already existing mix/ album that he/she/they like(s) a lot. All members of this group get to open the ‘musical advent calendar door’ and enjoy the gift! 🙂
Thank you to all participants and ENJOY THE MUSIC! <3

Sign up via this years Doodle, you will receive instructions how to upload the mix via the email you submitted.


We have set up our own online forum, to not depend on social media for our communication: adventalk

You can register an account by yourself, and start posting right away.

If you know WordPress you are very welcome to contribute to our work of maintaining this site.  made by @anoutpost

This site takes effort and actually costs money to run, for renting the domain and hosting. If you would like to contribute to the costs of running adventunes.de or buy me a coffee, you are very welcome to use the donation button below. Thanks!

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