New Year Mix: RROMANCE

here is rromance‘s playlist
„the rromance“ for you as a companion for the first days of 2023

rromance is the project of the singer, producer and director Daniel Carlos
bringing together indie sounds and contemporary influences,
while at the same time processing and reminiscing the music of his youth – the
first records his mother played him, the first tapes he heard in his dad’s car –
rromance tries to bring back those
unforgettable feels. but in a new way.
melodic yet stripped down vocals complete the soundtrack. the lyrics are about
hope – but also about being lost – they try to see a bigger picture.
let’s call the vibe “sweet dystopia”. rromance sees itself as a project that
should continue to grow as a collective.
by bringing together a team of visual visionaries rromance started with a lot of
unique music videos, enriching the projects presence and revealing more and
more the hidden agenda.