23 – DISCOLAS’ Mix of Fire

The future is now, old man.

2 good 4 u and here r some goodies 4 u

Standing at Seebühne 8am in the morning and moving your feet to the housey-trancey sounds that the duo that call themselves DJ Heartstring pump out of that sound system, I realised that the crowd looked a little different. At that very moment I realised that there is a new generation, a new craft, a newer model that conquered the dance floor without me noticing prior: The little kidz became young adults, and somehow I felt way less cool than I did just minutes before.

Sports jackets, sneakers with extra thick soles, blond dyed hair, hip packs and incredibly fast sunglasses: Y2K is back! And I’m too old to join and too young to relate.

So I dedicate this mix to the music and fashion to come, and hope that we still have a few good years left until fingers get pointed at us and people ask themselves what we are still doing on the dance floorrrr, all old-styley and wrinkley.

Have fun with a lot of synthies, fast beats, fun lyrics, high-pitched auto tune angel voices and a whole music scene that doesn’t take itself too serious. Maybe there is something that we can learn from them, with all the dark and dirty, monotonic and hard techno we had in the past.

Let’s fuckin’ go!

PS. I put a little a cherry for y’all at the end. :*


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    Love it