19 – Simon’s Mix

Something Something Progressive Death Metal

Ok so I am aware that this is completely breaking with the style of playlists we’ve had so far this year (or ever), but after the many years that I’ve been part of this I felt the need to share some of the more obscure parts of my musical taste. I hope that you can appreciate some of this, even if this kind of music might not be part of your general listening habits.

Because it does get quite heavy (especially towards the end), I wanted to keep it short and snappy: 2 songs each by 3 of my absolute favorite bands.

We start off with OPETH, progressive death metal pioneers from Sweden, who seamlessly interweave extremely heavy parts with very calm and melodic sections. They have released some of my favorite music ever (at least until they went full prog-rock in 2011). The first song actually doesn’t contain any metal elements, because I want to draw you in slowly šŸ˜‰

JINJER is a band from Ukraine, which I only discovered this year, but I was immediately obsessed with them. 4 incredible musicians, but the star of the show is their singer, Tatiana Shmailyuk. Her vocal range is just absolutely insane.

MESHUGGAH, again from Sweden, are definitely the heaviest of the bunch. Their signature style are these these really crazy poly-rhythmic song structures, where all the individual instruments go on their separate rhythmic journeys before converging again. All of this is held together by Tomas Haake, their drummer and main song writer, who is an absolute beast.

Image: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/f0/00/f5/f000f565bb874f67bf16d0fad7e9976a.jpg