03 – Sadia’s Mix

Okay I actually have a thing for Christmas. And “with a thing” I mean: I actually like the lights, the music, the trashy christmas movies and most importantly the food. Like this is me when someone mentions the queen, the legend, the icy emporer Miss Mariah Carey:

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If I coudl I would love to spend more time on decorating my room and send EVERYONE their own advent calender. But I can’t and I know that it’s not everybodys cup of tea. So that is not what we are doing today!

My hints: We are getting low. I mean it’s getting really hot in here. Let me Blow Ya Mind with this one.

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No guesses? Well I will share my RnB 2000s Playlist. Please have a lot of fun with my “It’s getting hot in here” (in Christmas times)- Playlist. You will find a lot of songs probably long forgotten. Some to shake your ass, some to feel the feels and some that are just deeeeeeeelicious. Have fun with it!


One response to “03 – Sadia’s Mix”

  1. To the windooooooooows, to the wall! I LOVE THIS MIX! ❤️