Wach werden für Anfänger

aufwachen | wake up.
aufwachen | wake up.

aufwachen| wake up.

aufwachen | wake up.

aufwachen | wake up.

aufwachen | wake up.

every morning. every noon. every evening. every night.

gotta be awake. gotta be focused. gotta be sharp.


And how? Well black tea, coke and speed are options but most of us will just grab a big phat hot cup of covfefe. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

But coffee is more than just liquid waking. Coffee is a reason for social gatherings. Coffee is a monday morning kickstarter or a sunday afternoon ritual. Coffee is a cure of hungovers and bad moods.

C o f f e e   i s   l i f e .

And that’s why I dedicate this playlist to coffee. There are many reasons to make music about coffee.
Reasons of getting together, falling apart, revolting, relaxing, and many more. But what most of the songs have in common is the power to underline your very own coffee creating ritual with a proper vibe and let you enjoy that dark soup of happiness to it’s fullest. The tracks are all quite different, just choose the song which connects the strongest with your mood and follow that genre to have a different start every day. 😉


ps. The intro to my playlist got deleted by spotify which is why I’m adding a youtube link (without ads of course – cause who needs that shit when you’re handling hot water with one hand and the coffee grounds with the other?). It’s german and quit harsh/intense, but I promise you the playlist will smoothen that out.

Intro: https://www.youtube.com./watch?v=pX_L8KC13uA

Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/389g4jfamtoS3KYdV6JZzy?si=ab9168f6b3ce4953


3 responses to “Wach werden für Anfänger”

  1. Discolas

    Wach werden für Anfänger, und Anfängerinnen natürlich auch! :*

  2. Sehr angenehmer Wachwerdeprozess dank dir, wir danken.

  3. Anonymous

    lovely idea! und als krömer fan hat mich schon das intro gecatched!