Every now and then you come across an Eastern European band and as far it concerns me it is often fun listening, even if I don’t understand a single thing. So it’s quite incomprehensible that there are so few artists out of this part of Europe known and played in the Western world.

Therefore, I have gone on a search to offer you some of the finest picks of music from countries like Russia, Ukraine, former Yugoslavia, Serbia and Poland. Starting with two classics and some energetic rock-like songs, over today’s indie, up to past and present electronic music this playlist has something for nearly every taste. I really recommend to listen till the end and I bet that at least one song will catch you, too.

Enjoy this year’s Adventunes and stay healthy!

PS: I searched in old russian child magazines “Весёлые картинки” for quite a time to find a suitable cover 😀


2 responses to “Ostblock”

  1. Haha, incredible cover picture! Matches very much the vibe of the music. Most of the songs sound like being several decades old, just like the picture. Is this actually the case?

  2. Bratmaxer

    Thanks Nick! The picture is in fact a little older, as far as I remember the magazine was out of the 60s. A lot stuff out of this decade were heavily propaganda biased, so I found much rocket pictures, too. As for the music, actually only the first songs and a few from further back are older. Most stuff is from 2010 or later.