Late night tales type songs

Mix by Oliver

DATE: 10/12/2021

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Don’t know if you guys have heard of the series ‘late night tales’, worth checking out if you haven’t. This is my playlist of songs that I would put in my late night tales when i’m rich and famous and called to do it.

Steve Kuhn – The meaning of love
Arto Lindsay – illuminated
Roberto Murolo – Casa sulitaria
Martial Solal – New York Herald Tribune
Sun Ra – Dreaming
Mina – un anno d’amore (c’est irreparable)
Arthur Russell – I couldnt say it to your face
Roberto Musci – Claudia, Wilhelm R and Me
K. Leimer – Uncertain instruction
Bahram Mansurov – Mugam Bayati-Isfahan
Fabiano do Nascimiento – Canto de Imanja
Steve Kuhn – Wisteria
Duval Timothy – Ball
Virna Lindt – Underwater boy
Michael white – the Blessing song
Admas – Anchi ball game
Dorothy Ashby – lonely girl
bobby wright – blood of an american
pharoah sanders – moon child
greenflow – i got’cha
gal costa – lagrimas negras
pete brandt’s method – what you are
boy scouts – did you see me cry
Hamish Imlach – MacPherson’s farewell


Note by admin:
This mix was submitted through the early mix submission form (so it did not get posted immediately) and without a cover image. I tried contacting Oliver via email, but did not get a response. If you are Oliver, and would like to supply a cover image, let me know, thanks!