texte für studenten, mucke für die strassenkids


Dear Music People!

With all of the vast problems we faced this year, one can easily forget conflicts that have been there all the time and don’t show any sign of leaving.

My personal playlist for door #3 is a result of a culmination of disgust and hatred towards some of the things you might forget when trying to adapt your daily life to a deadly virus. With shady bars and dusty concert halls being closed for good reason, this is the closest one can get to a sweaty moshpit and eardrum shattering yells of tattooed frontmen (and -women!) of german punk bands.

Here’s to battling xenophobia, racism, toxic masculinity and mindless consumerism. Take care. 




One response to “texte für studenten, mucke für die strassenkids”

  1. This is fun!