Rock’n’Roll Asia

Discovering Radiooooo a few month ago and stombling over the documentary Don’t think I’ve forgotten – Combodias Lost Rock and Roll (highly recommended) made me think about what kind of music we are used to in our everyday lifes.
While I could find music from almost every corner of the earth in my library, a whole region was more or less not present at all: south east asia.

And by that I don’t mean DJs or bands emerging from that region, but rather songs sung in the regions tongue. Have you ever actively listened to songs sung in vietnamese, khmer, chinese, japanese or korean? Well at least I can say I haven’t (besides the wonderful Embrace the asian playlist previously this month, of course). That’s why I dedicated this days playlist to the 60s and 70s music of this region.

Get ready to listen to some amazing but maybe not love-at-first-sight gems!

Playlist on Youtube:

ps. I could only find a few tracks on spotify that’s why you have to go over my drive (or wetransfer: have fun fellas.

the playlist is also on youtube – but then of course you have to endure the ads and sh*t, sry:


One response to “Rock’n’Roll Asia”

  1. Oh wow, I love this, thanks for putting together this playlist! That’s definitely a blind spot in my knowledge of music…I had a similar revelation 2 years ago, watching a movie/documentary with original material about a soviet band called Кино́ (kino) – I don’t remember the name of the movie. They were active during the 80s and made some very similar, yet distinctive different music to artists from e.g. the US