Love & Other Drugs.

“Love is the most important. The most necessary human emotion. Not just romantic love. Love. The ability of human beings to connect.”

― Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie


Dearest Adventuners,

welcome to Door #22, a Neo-Soul & R’n’B take on Love.

Shaped by long stretches of (self-) isolation, this year has significantly impacted the way we love and stay connected with each other (and ourselves). It has created paradoxical challenges like ‘meeting new people while social distancing’, ‘creating a sense of normalcy in interactions with loved ones while constantly worrying about them’ and ‘enjoying me-time, take 256’.  With this crazy and exhausting whirlwind of a year coming to an end, I hope that you have felt seen, heard, and supported by the people surrounding you and that you could hold yourself through it as well. This mix will introduce you to some of my favorite ‘quarantunes’ of the year, while carrying you through joy, heartbreak, longing, giddiness, and many other emotional states that circle back to love and interpersonal relationships – I hope you enjoy it! 😊

Happy holidays & stay safe, y’all! <3




P.S.: Thank you to everyone who contributed this year – it has been an absolute pleasure to listen to your mixes & read your stories and I can’t wait for what’s still to come! Of course, a special shout-out to Benny & Nick, for helping to further shape the website and to Benny, for making independent uploads possible! Thank you thank you thank you! <3



One response to “Love & Other Drugs.”

  1. I definitely feel the love in this piece, thanks for the beautiful mix!