One of the benefits of the pandemic has been slowing of pace of the world and the rush becoming secondary. A by-product of this is noticing the silence and the sounds of ticking clocks more. Loud clocks are everywhere in my life, and always have been – pictured is the house of my grandfather, where the sound of loud clocks is just about all that can be heard for miles around. This playlist attempts to emulate the berceuse that is the ticking of clocks. Unsurprisingly, the music in the playlist is principally ambient, although there is some jazz that’s leaked in.




Revolution 9 – The Beatles

It’s door number 9, so I thought it would be good to remind you of that for eight and a half minutes. Hot take – all Beatles songs are overrated except this one.


Wurzel – H. Takashani

Playful and simple japanese ambient made on Garageband


C U Soon – h hunt

Gentle jazzy/ambient piano


Limerance – Yves Tumor

I don’t know why this song makes me feel really sad inside


First Rain – Duval Timothy

Sounds of children playing over a dramatic piano makes me feel very deep


White Walls – Machiavellian

What kind of a friend would I be if I didn’t use this opportunity to shout out to my boy Mauricio Gibsion AKA Machiavellian who makes great ambient music out of Edinburgh/London


Moiré – Piano & Organ – Jan Jelinek

Is this ambient? Is this minimal? Is this just a collection of sounds? Who knows but it’s great and the album it comes from is great


Sarphi Rocks – Gacha Bakradze

Experimental collection of sounds out of Tbilisi, Georgia – also a great album well worth checking out


Theme from Trioskinek – Triosk, Jan Jelinek

I really like Jan Jelinek and this can be seen by the fact that he has two tracks on this playlist


Gadni (Spirit of the Mountain) – Ánde Somby

Sami traditional song from Norwegian Indigenous rights activist and law professor Ánde Somby.


Spain – Steve Sobs, Julie Byrne

I actually have nothing much to say about this track other than the fact that Spotify dropped it on me completely unexpectedly and it hit me in the feelings so I wanted to put it in. I also hope Steve is OK.


I Hear A Rhapsody – Bill Evans, Jim Hall

Beautiful guitar and piano jazz album that always makes me feel Christmassy

Almost Beautiful – Anna Holmer

Performance artist who blends spoken word and sound, weird and wonderful


The Word Love – Gigi Masin

Italian electronic musician, from a really excellent album released on Amsterdam based label Music from Memory



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