colour the grey!

Some weeks ago when the colour of the sky only varied between grey and black I randomly discovered an artist that has brought some glow into my day: Alfie Templeman. He’s only 17 (meaning he was born 2003 – unbelievable, eeh?) and his music is as colourful as his outfits. In gratitude for all the happy vibes he gave me, I have put together a compilation of some fun and uplifting tunes that make my legs bob along under the desk & gives me new energy & a smile on my face, hoping that it does the same for you.

Getting started with my favourite track by Alfie Templeman himself we’ll go on to some new and old groovy gems of mixed genre and origin, covering lyrics in quite a bunch of languages. In the beginning we’ll keep it a little slower to warm up our rusty bones & speeding it up in the course of our joyful ride. Needless to say, a bit of trash is not to be missed. 

So what are you waiting for? Prepare yourself a tasty drink, jump into some colourful, sparkling cloths and let me take you on a little trip to a happy place!🎈




01 Obvious Guy – Alfie Templeman

02 Harvest Moon – Poolside

03 Disco – Benny Sings

04 strongboi – strongboi

05 Casio – Jungle

06 Piel Canela – Cuco

07 Baiana – Oma Nata

08 Café Com Leite – Poirier, Flavia Coelho

09 Boca Llena – Y La Bamba

10 Aquí – And, Ceyolia

11 Okay Okay – Pino D’Angiò

12 Here Comes the Hotstepper – Ora the Molecule

13 Overpowered – Róisín Murphy

14 Funny Thing – Thundercat

15 Baby 3 – Jeans Team

16 Pleasure – Baxter Dury

17 Mopedbart – Hubbabubbaklubb