Are you still watching?

Do you ever imagine your life being filmed? Whatever genre you choose, film music is not only the icing on the cake, but a central component. Being forced to stay inside, binge-watching has become a hobby again and the few moments out in the city start to feel surreal and somewhat special. Sometimes, these two worlds start to blend into each other. So here are my favorites for the new 2020 Netflix show „ – your name -“.

A little creepy sound, a few positive vibes, but also casual hip-hop beats will be played today. I have hidden a little joke from my homeland, a terrific hip-hop band, whose hearts, just like mine, also beat for the climate, let’s not forget that on the way (at least it’s striking day again). Have a wonderful sunny day everyone, this is your show!


2 responses to “Are you still watching?”

  1. Mr.Nobody

    You are awesome and warm like the Sun.

  2. Yaaaasss! Come thruuuu Miss Jean Deaux and Arlo Parks! Thank for this beautiful playlist – I hope everyone is still watching after 2020 because this year’s
    storyline was quite messy 😅