First of all, sorry for being late, and sorry for not quite living up to my self-set creative standards – the dog axolotl ate my project (picture of the fat culprit for evidence).

The good news however is, this underhand cunt of a year is almost over. From here, it can hardly get any bleaker, can it?

If you’re anything like me, among the stuff you missed the most this year – well given, covid didn’t kill any of your loved ones – was a proper fucking party. Sadly, this ain’t the time nor place. But we’ll get there eventually, and preparation is a virtue; so no harm in already preheating a little, shall we? It may last a while; but I understand nobody really got any better plans for this winter anyway.

So, get dressed. Grab a drink. Take a comfortable seat and dance, when in order. Listen to this rather assorted collection of discreetly upbeat tracks that managed to lift my spirits this year. The time for celebration will come, and the pre-party to it starts just now.