Join us for a facebook-free Musik-Adventskalender experience…

NOTE: This is the 2019 Welcome post, check the About  page for up to date info

Dear members of the musical advent calendar group,

It is the beginning of November, which means that only a few weeks from now, we can all cuddle up on our respective couches with a cup of tea and press play on one of the mixes from this year’s musical advent calendar!
For the 2019 edition, our goal was to free the musical awesomeness from the noise of social media and make the calendar more accessible (i.e. to people who are not/no longer on facebook). 

This is why *drumroll*, we are moving the musical advent calendar to our own domain:!

First of all – I would like to give a huge shout out and thank you to Benny, who set up the page and made the ‘professionalization’ of the calendar possible in such a short amount of time! :blush: 

Secondly, we invite all of you to join us on our Adventune-Adventure! 

Here’s a quick guide on how to participate and upload your mix: 

1) Sign up for a date and pick from the 1st-24th of December in our doodle ( ). We kindly ask you to only sign up if you have time to create and upload a mix before the end of November (more on that later). We would hate for the calendar to have ‘empty spots’, so please consider your schedules before signing up!

2) Once you’ve signed up, the creative freedom of what to put in your mix, is yours. In previous years, the mixes contained around 10-15 songs, but no one will actually go and count them :wink:. Feel free to add a description/story/ poem to your mix (for atmospheric purposes), and PLEASE add a picture (we’ll need it for design purposes). In order to avoid frantic searches for artist names, a tracklist (ideally with time stamps) would be much appreciated! You can submit your mix through any hosting service or streaming platform of your choice (Spotify, Soundcloud, Mixcloud, etc.). If you have the capabilities to do so, please additionally submit a single .mp3 or .wav file for your entire mix, so we can host it on our own server to allow everybody to listen or even download, and this way your mix will be preserved for eternity (even if Spotify goes bankrupt). 

3) In order to submit your mix, you can use the submission form and add the playlist link with additional text and pictures. Please upload your pictures on a file hosting platform such as WeTransfer (or Flickr, GoogleDrive, Dropbox, etc.) and simply add the link to the files in the appropriate field of the submission form. Benny will upload everything to and soon, we will all be able to enjoy your mix on the day it is ‘released’. Also, to make this month enjoyable for Benny as well, the SUBMISSION DEADLINE FOR ALL MIXES is 30th November 2019.

4) On 1st December, the extra fun part begins: Each day at midnight, a calendar door will be ‘unlocked’, and a mix made available for you to listen to, connect with, and comment on. We included a comment function so you can let your fellow adventune-adventurers know what you enjoyed about their mixes and contributions. Commenting can be done anonymously, but if you want to let others know your name, put it into the comment form. Don’t worry if your comment does not show up immediately, we have to manually approve it to combat spam. We hope you have fun with this new version of the calendar and look forward to your mixes! :blush:

Meret and Benny


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    Hi, this is an example comment. You can comment on any post/mix on this page with a name of your choosing (or anonymously) without logging in. To combat endless spam, your comment will not immediately be visible, please have a little patience!

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    Now it is set up so the comments are not held for moderation, because we have yet not received any spam comments. we might have to change this setting once spam starts.