Is This Sound Supposed To Taste Like Yellow?

DATE: 17.12.2019

From: Simon

“Is This Sound Supposed To Taste Like Yellow?”

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This is one for the connoisseurs of more unconventional auditory stimulation.

In the course of the last few years, as I started to work on more programming-heavy projects, I was desperately looking for a genre of music that was work-compatible. Naturally, everything with vocals was out of the question. Attempts with classical music were not successful. Also, most electronic music was either too fast or too monotone for my brain to stay undistracted and attentive.
However, this year I unexpectedly ventured into the lands of psydub and glitch-hop and immediately found salvation! The nice, slow, head-bopping tempo of dub paired with the crazy, glitchy shenanigans turned out to be perfect for keeping me focused and giving me space to actually think actual goal-directed thoughts! While listening to music! Kind of life-changing for me.

So, I hereby present you some of my favorite discoveries!

The journey begins with some lighthearted dubbery, before reaching more glitchy territory. We then descend into deeper, more downtempo-ish realms. After encountering some unexpected vocals, we come back to the surface and end on a more uplifting note.

Disclaimer 1 (for Spotify, link below): Shuffle is a no-no, as should be common sense with these mixes.

Disclaimer 2: Not only the songs, but also the artists have been carefully picked. So if you like what you heear, just go to the artists’ page and listen away!

Disclaimer 3: Listen to the words of Alan Watts at the beginning of the first track, they serve as a nice guide into the mix.

Enjoy! 🙂




00:00 Ott – One Day I Wish To Have This Kind Of Time
08:24 Mantis Mash – Mekong Drifters
15:45 DRRTYWULVZ – Eclipsed VIP
20:02 Kalya Scintilla – Listen With Your Heart
25:31 Wolf Tech – Dinoland
29:30 Iacchus – Yurgen
36:27 Tipper – Dreamsters
41:45 Somatoast – Live Dreaming
49:13 CharlesTheFirst – Balance
51:56 Goopsteppa, Ill Chill – Keep Growing
55:45 Lil Fish, CloZee – The Lost Voices
Image: (c) Android Jones


3 responses to “Is This Sound Supposed To Taste Like Yellow?”

  1. Love the concept! Very excited to listen to it at work today! <3

  2. Mega gute Playlist Idee! Wird die nächsten Wochen wahrscheinlich ganz gut zum Einsatz kommen 😃 Danke dafür!

    1. The question is whether it is work-compatible for anyone else than me 🙈 let me know 😀