DATE: 16.12.2019

From: Louise


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Rubel – O Velho e o Mar.
It has a beautiful video too (

Still Woozy – Lucy.
I didn’t know which track of theirs to put really because I love them all but this has been most played I guess.

Gustavo Pena el Principe – Mandolín.
There is an acoustic cover of this by Loli Molina (

Jess Best – Coffee in the morning.
This randomly showed up in my weekly discover, she doesn’t have a huge following yet but the song is so good <3

Marika Hackman – In words.
I am in love with this person

Zach Winters – If the sun is shining

Ariana Grande – Pete Davidson.
Yes she is in my playlist and I’ve actually been listening to her music on repeat. I am not ashamed (ok maybe a bit). But the arrangement and the strings ..!?

Bruno Major – Like someone in Love.
You can hear he studied Jazz guitar in the small solos in this song. I think this is an amazing cover

Moreno Veloso and his father, brother, neighbors ….- Todo Homen.
I’ve been obsessed with this guy’s song ‘deusa do amor’ and I actually sang it in a jam session this year at a brazilian night. Turns out the guitarist was a friend of his 😀

Whatever, Dad – Death of the Phone Call.
I hope you speak French because the lyrics are adorably weird.

Yebba – Evergreen.
It’s her first own release after blowing away everyone with her voice for years

Charlie Burg – Eight.
He wrote, sang, played and produced all of this by himself and he’s quite young and still studying from what I read

Vonwegen Lisbeth – Wenn du tanzt.
I met a Moroccan hostel employee in Marrakech who was crazy about this band. It was so sweet to watch I had to get hooked

Lianne la Havas – Friends like Evergreens.
This is a cover/translation of George Brassens’ ‘Au bois de mon coeur’ by the other person I am in love with

Lewin – Leather Jackets.
Jara is a Singer-Songwriter from the Hague who has started releasing tons of things this year, which makes me very happy because she ought to be heard

Whitney – No Woman.
This song kept showing up in radio lists or weekly discovers and slowly started being the soundtrack of my summer

Hozier – NFWMB.
Extraordinarily explicit in words and clarity of guitar and voice

Melody Gardot – If the stars were mine.
It sounds like a cover of an old jazz tune but she actually wrote it

Summer Salt – Oh Dear.
Also sneaked its way into my summer by being so catchy

The Wood Brothers – Sing about it.
This song is the desert for you, so you can refill your wine glass, bring your moustache in order and dance over the wooden floor during a late night at a dimly lit bar in a backalley.


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  1. This is absolutely wonderful, thank you! 🙂

  2. Marvelous! I love the comments for each track 🙂