Fuck that shit, I’m still gonna count these big racks

DATE: 15.12.2019

From: Alex

“Fuck that shit, I’m still gonna count these big racks”

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Hi everyone! I hope you are all having a lovely break wherever you are.

Or you’re not and you are instead at work, which sucks.

Work isn’t fun. Conversely this playlist is fun, and about work and money (loosely). I hope you enjoy it, happy holidays!



1. 21st Century Pop Song – Hymie’s Basement
2. Kit Kat – Thaiboy Digital
3. Polo Right – Suicide Alps Forever Re-Edit – Lil Ugly Mane
4. 4 AM. Deep In Siberia. A Train Station In The Forest. Something’s Got A Hold Of Me – Summer of Haze
5. VOICES IN MY HEAD – Ocean Wisdom
6. Girl Friend Work at Kod – Sickboyrari
7. So Pay La – Triad God
8. Song About a Song – Oliver Heart
9. How Much Do You Pay? – Oliver Heart
10. SadlyThatsJustTheWayThingAre – BONES
11. We Getting Money – Sheff G