California Life

DATE: 02.12.2019

From: Benny P

“California Life”

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Hi, how ya doing?

This mix is trying to take you through some of the experiences I have made in the last 2 months, that I have lived in California. It is a beautiful place, it is an ugly place, it is a fun place & it can be quite depressing. Beautiful sunsets by the beach, after which grey-haired surfer dudes get into their giant pickup-trucks. Everything is possible for the rich and everybody else tries to make do with what they have, whilst immigrants are treated with contempt and children are kept in cages.

I have tried to dig a bit deeper, and not just cover rap, although that definitely is what I am listening to most at the moment. I think all but 2 songs are made by people who are actually from California or are living here at least, and I tried to keep it personal and mostly to recent & lesser known songs. Don’t worry, there’s no Dr.Dre or RHCP or Beach Boys to be heard!

Hope you enjoy listening, and I’m looking forward to the other mixes!